Pleasant Dinner Conversation



Tonight’s dinner conversation:

Room Clearing Farts.  Not just Room Clearing Farts, but Room Clearing DOG Farts. 

Nice, right?

Yes. Yes it is. 

My son: “Mom, what kind of food would a dog have to eat to create a room clearing fart?”

Where is this coming from, I wonder?  But I go with it. 

My answer:  Chinese Food or Soy Nuts.

Emma said:  Beans.

Dad doesn’t say anything, just starts cracking up.


Suddenly, and randomly, I might add, the topic turns from Room Clearing Dog Farts to the Karate Kid and the whole “wax on-wax off” scheme of Mr. Miyagi.  How did it all come to this?  I don’t know.

Jacob says, “Miyagi only wanted some free labor”.  I quite agree. 

“Oh yes, he was teaching him Karate (Ka-rah-tee)”, Emma says.

**Suddenly, I was reminded of the time we were driving through a local shopping center where there was a Karate studio and Emma, impulsively, read the sign as “Care Ate”.  This was fairly recently and it cracked us all up because she immediately realized her mistake.**

So I jokingly say to Emma, “Oh, you mean ‘Care Ate’ don’t you??” <wink>

To which she replies, with a tilt of her head, a raised eyebrow and a point of her fork, “Touché, Mom, touché.”

She’s 10.

<insert shoulder shrug and shake of head here> 



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6 responses to “Pleasant Dinner Conversation

  1. Toni

    Sooooo….did the dog ever fart?

  2. Nooner™

    Oh, I always hated that particular F word. lol. My grandmother use to refer to flatulance as "Little Feathers" so I kind of grew up with that daintier expression. lol. I\’m laughing here thinking back to names for things that my parents and grandparents created for us to use amongst us when we were out in public. Years ago it wasn\’t common for dog walkers to scoop up after their dogs did a little duty on their strolls like it is common for them to do today (lol @ "did a little duty") — so my father used an expression for us when we were walking in a park or somewhere like that and he\’d spot some ahead of us on the ground. He\’d say to us "watch out for the broken glass". lol.

  3. Sheila

    oh I had to laugh about the room clearing fart!  I recently went on vacation with my children and my friend and her children.  It wast the first time we had been away together and having 2 adults and 5 children in a suburban on a 9 hour car trip, well you learn alot about the people you are with.  Anyway, they had a novel way of dealing with flatulance in the form of car clearing farts (my friend has three boys ranging in age from 13 to 17). Rather than blurt out…hey dude, crack a window why don\’t you!!! it was very calmy stated….Air Exchange! and the windows would effortlessly descend long enough to grab a fresh breath of air, even doing 70 miles an hour.  Sure beats the frying pan to the back of the head approach!
    oh and who doesn\’ want free labor?

  4. Jim

    I am sure it started around 10 with L knowing everything.  🙂  Room Clearing Dog Farts.  I have a dog fart story.  but we will leave that for another time. 

  5. Bill

    Does Emma know everything?  I think I was 15 or so before I knew it all, but Eric just turned 10, and he knows it ALL.

  6. Lena

    Soy nuts?  Really?
    Who knew?

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