“Life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges, but eventually you find a hair stylist you like.”  ~Author Unknown


As a woman, it is no easy task to find someone to cut your hair. 

CORRECTION:  It’s easy to find A SOMEONE to cut your hair, but to find THE SOMEONE who you LOVE to cut your hair, well it’s something kin to, say—the quest for the Holy Grail.  It is the quest for…your “hairmate”.  Finding your hairmate is an important choice in a woman’s life…call me superficial, but your hairmate is as important as who you choose to be your gynecologist or your babysitter or your dentist.  Your hairmate has to be someone you trust.  Surely I am not the only one who feels this way.

We search and we search.  We bravely give ourselves to someone–hoping that he or she is THE ONE, only to have our hopes dashed.  And we pick ourselves up and we wipe our tears and we continue on in our endless quest, dejectedly hopping from one salon to the next.  Emptiness and disappointment ensue.

But then!  Oh JOY!  You find someone, THE ONE, who is your hairmate.  You know when you’ve found that special someone, because when you sit in their chair and you are completely relaxed, excitedly awaiting the end result.  Now, we all have our horror stories, don’t we, ladies??  Once, you came home with a perm-gone-wrong or a He-man short ‘do, when you were going for a “Hey man, come hither” ‘do.  Or GASP, even worse, you come home with a mullet disaster ‘do.  But when you find THE ONE, there are no worries.  You trust them totally and without hesitation to do with you what they will. 

Sadly, when you move across the country, you lose your hairmate.  And tragically, the search begins anew.  The painful search.

Luckily for me, I found my hairmate.  Right here in my new town.  Didn’t have to look very far.  And I didn’t have to hock the family silver each time I went.  My hairmate, and cheap too!!  It was a dream come true.  Her name was Maggie.  Maggie was great.  Maybe you remember her?  She’s the one who cut Emma’s hair when she donated it to Locks of Love last fall.  She was adorable and always had me cracking up the whole time she cut my hair.  The last cut she did for me, was my favorite yet.

So, yesterday afternoon, I visit my home salon, to take Emma in for a cut and to my HORRIFIED surprise, I am told that Maggie has “moved on”.  MOVED ON!!!  What??!  How could she do this to me??  What did I ever do to her that she should treat me so cruelly??  Take my heart, bleeding from my chest and stomp it on the ground, why don’t you?  She was my HAIRMATE for goodness sake!  And now, now, she’s just a fading memory.  The worst part is, I didn’t even get the chance to day goodbye. 

Call me a drama queen, but, what’s a girl to do? 



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6 responses to “THE ONE

  1. Fairlight

    You really should call me, or email me. I can give you the name and address of two really great hair dressers. I like the one we\’re going to right now. She does a great job (with me and Olivia) and she\’s super sweet. Let me know!

  2. Jim

    you could always cut your own hair just like me.  🙂

  3. Bill

    Hey!  I tagged you (because I have nothing else to do)

  4. Sarah

    I totally agree.  I usually find my "hairmate" does not cut hair at a supercuts or grondins hair center.  They are the WORST!  I need the full scalp massage during the shampoo, and the best layering so that it doesn\’t look like they grabbed your hair and hacked it with a chainsaw, or leave that layer line.  I hate the layer line more than anything hair disaster speaking.  This is why I only get my hair cut once, then grow it out again.  The endless search for the ONE is so frustrating.  My favorite stylist moved to New York.  Yeah, she was great.  Then I got the girl who replaced her and came out with the ugliest flip up hair.  Even the receptionist as I went to pay was trying not to laugh.

  5. Jeanne-Marie

    Odd. I just got my  hair cut. I always get it cut at Walmarts. I rarely get what I want. When I do I am excited. Most of the time I cannot wait to see what I am going to get. But nothing seems to stop me from going back to Walmart and doing it all over again.

  6. Toni

    Still looking for my one true hairmate….*sighs*.

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