Will dance for food.


“Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity.”  ~Voltaire


Who knew you could get so jacked up about cheese toast??  Oh my kids just SLAY me.  SLAY ME, I tell you.

This morning the kids want some breakfast.  Sadly, I must say they have been making their own for the majority of the summer.  Unless we’ve had company, then I’ll drag my lazy butt out of bed to actually cook something.  Sad, but true.  I make my usual list of suggestions (of things THEY can prepare)–there’s cereal, frozen waffles, toaster strudel, pop tarts, toast, cheese toast… Emma’s eyes lit up!  CHEESE toast!, she says.

Y’all ARE familiar with phenomenon known as cheese toast aren’t ya?  Piece of bread with some good hunks of cheese on it, toasted until it is all melty ooey gooey deliciousness. Easily made in the handy dandy toaster oven.  My favorite kitchen appliance.  Use it every day. For reals.

So I decided I would come supervise the cheese cutting (he he) and ended up cutting the cheese myself (snort, cracking meself up).  As I am cutting (okay enough already), Emma is over there, doing some sort of CHEESE TOAST DANCE.  I WISH I had filmed it.  It was just too hilarious and I can’t possibly describe it well enough.  Just trust me on this.  She was bopping all around the kitchen singing “Cheese toast, cheese cheese, toast toast”, over and over.  I was cracking up.  I guess it’s the simple things in life.  She was so vigorous in her jig, though, that she actually turned her ankle while performing!  LOL.  No, I am not laughing at my child’s pain.  Really, she wasn’t hurt bad, but she looked pretty surprised.  Then she hollered to Jacob asking if HE wanted any cheese toast.  “Sure” he said…his common response to most things.  He is really a surprisingly flexible kid.  And the dance commenced again.

Just a few minutes ago, I hear them playing in the other room and they BOTH suddenly erupt in the “Cheese Toast Dance”.   Never mind it’s been 5 hours since they had breakfast.  I guess it didn’t get old yet.

Here’s to dancing for food.



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5 responses to “Will dance for food.

  1. Lena

    cheese toast…..hmmmmmmm.  Is that we up here call a grilled cheese? 

  2. Nooner™

    Hey Joell 🙂
    I\’m still on blog break, but popped on to take a peek. It was somebody\’s email invite that made me come over to Spaces. Amazing to me how I just don\’t think of Spaces much too often. I wonder why that is? I guess I\’m so consumed with summer things. Who knows. Anyway. So I see a bunch of comments and see your name But No Red Van pic next to it. "How can that be??", I said to myself. Geeze. So, I rush over here all worried that you sold the blessed thing or something like that .. lol.
    As always, I got a kick out of your blog. Your writing style is just great. Love it. So nice that you talk of your kids. It\’s like I know you all in real life.
    Glad you have the new computer. I\’m on a borrowed one. From my daughter. I bought her this new laptop in im mid April or so and mailed it to her in New Hampshire. Two weeks later, about the beginning of May I think, I did the stupidest thing ever-ever-ever. I was rushing out the door one Sunday to run off and conduct an Open House. I had a couple of tote bags full of stuff with me, and my laptop. I\’m in the driveway getting ready to open up my station wagon to put my things in it. I place the laptop on the roof rack so I can drop the tote bags on the driveway to free my hands to open a door to put the things inside. You may be guessing what happened. I put the totes in, close the door, open the drivers door, and drive away. Five minutes later I\’m on an Interstate and catch a glimpse of something in my rear view mirror. It was my laptop (purchased new only this January) bouncing and smashing itself on the highway behind me. The light bulb (a dim one) went off in my head (make that \’dim-witted-head\’) when I suddenly realized what had happened and the stupid thing I did of placing my laptop atop my car earlier to free my hands. Never in my life did I experience a sick feeling like I felt the rest of that day and maybe an additional day too. I couldn\’t believe I could make such an expensive mistake like that. I couldn\’t even get myself to buy a new one right away. I think I needed time to stew about me being so dumb.. lol. Anyway, I\’m about to make a new purchase and return this borrowed laptop to my Foofie so she has this while it is still kind of new-ish. She was a good sport to mail it back to me after my accident so that I didn\’t spend money for another new one right away. Great kid. They all are, aren\’t they? You have a couple treasures in your children, and I adore mine as well.
    Well, I best be heading back to sleep. I woke for water. Then opened the laptop. HaHaHa. Stay well, Joell. All the best to ya!

  3. Jeanne-Marie

    *laughs* If only I could of been a fly on the wall. I wish I could of seen that. Yes. That is the tattoo. Thanks!

  4. Toni

    After your 4 month absence you dedicate a whole entry to cheese toast and the dance that goes with it? Must be some good eatin\’!

  5. Jim

    I\’ll dance for food.  🙂

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