Hellooo.  Helloooo in there!  *knocks on puter screen*  Yes.  I’m still alive.  I’ve made it to the library for the first time in about a month, I guess.  Have had to spend MOST of that time deleting junk emails.  Grr.
So, IF, in fact, anyone is still stopping by here to read this stuff, here’s what’s happening in SC.  We are all well, except for Jacob, who has had his first EVER case of strep in his life.  Penicillin is MAGIC, I tell you.  We have visited family, met our new niece/cousin, Olivia.  Adorable.  We have had the fabulous dance recital.  We have started a little girls’ book club.  (We are reading Everything On A Waffle)  The bathroom leak turned out to be a way too loose gasket of some sort.  Tightened up and 75 bucks later, we’re good to go.  SHWEWW!!  Big Red has had some issues (new tires, new starter #2, weird noises resolved), but she’s still running and that’s all that matters!  We have enjoyed some company at our own home and, OH YEAH, and we have acquired yet another pet.  This one for Emma.  A guinea pig she has named Zippy.  I’d post y’all some pics, but I’m still WITHOUT A HOME PC.  This will be resolved SOON because it is killing me.  Just suffice it to say that he is adorable!!  And pretty mellow.
I REALLY want to type more, but my incredibly patient children are still very patiently waiting for me.  I miss y’all and I’ll be back soon…or die trying!!!


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7 responses to “She’s ALIIIIIIVE!

  1. Toni

    just thought i\’d check–get to the library woman! we need a dose of redvan ramblings!!! hope your summer is going good~toni

  2. Wahzat

    So good to see that you are still alive :)Missed ya. Enjoy the rest of the summer. The kiddies book club sound wonderful.Good luck on getting a new PC FAST!!!

  3. Tiffany

    It\’s so good to hear from you!  Yes, you need to get a puter at home SOON!  🙂  I hated going to the library with my (at the time) 2 1/2 year old to try to update.  I finally gave up and just broke down and bought a new laptop and got the internet hooked back up.  I can\’t live without this thing!  🙂  Isn\’t that sad?
    Well, I\’m glad you guys are enjoying your Summer!
    Hugs – Tiffany

  4. Jim

    Glad to see you post something again.  Hope your system gets back online soon.

  5. Nooner™

    Big Red is going to live forever I betcha .. lol.
    Hello to Zippy. Are they like hamsters that sleep during the day and run around like crazy all night long?

  6. Bill

    Who are you, and what are you doing in my RSS Feeds?  JOELLE!!! Hey, long time no see!  I hope your computer gets better soon.  Jim and I were going to come and fix it, but then I\’d have to ride in a car with Jim, and we can\’t have that!

  7. PJ

    Hi there, glad all is well with you, I had thought you were being rather quiet and now I know why.  Yikes, without a PC?  I would be having definate withdrawal.  We had a major virus several weeks ago and had to blow everything out and start new, what a pain.  Lucky for me though I had my laptop although I don\’t like Vista at least I could use it.
    Glad Jacob is feeling better, strep throat is nasty stuff.  Take care and enjoy the summer.((hugs))  Patricia

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