Blue is not my favorite color.

"Hardware: where the people in your company’s software section will tell you the problem is.  Software: where the people in your company’s hardware section will tell you the problem is."  ~Dave Barry, Claw Your Way To The Top
Hello friends.
I have three words for you….BLUE. SCREEN. OF. DEATH.  Wait, that’s FOUR.  Sorry. 
Two more words…PUBLIC. LIBRARY.
I awakened yesterday to the blue screen of death.  Perhaps you know what I’m referring to?  It was quite shocking and depressing FO SHO.  For a moment, I just froze in my tracks, staring at the screen and wondered what in the world I was going to do with myself!!  (Think Cameron Diaz in My Best Friend’s Wedding singing karaoke.  Yeah. It was sad.  So sad.  And it didn’t get any happier at the end of the song like it did in the movie either.)  I didn’t have time to deal with it right then, and I didn’t want to call INDIA.  Because you KNOW that’s where all the Dell computer help people are.  I needed someone to speak clearly to me and not insult me by asking if my computer was, in fact, plugged in and turned on.  SHEEESH.  {Now don’t be thinking I’m all racist, because I’m NOT.  Ask anyone who knows me for real. Y’all all know what I am talking about!!}  Instead, I opted to call Delaware, home of my personal computer guru, my baby bro, Scott.  He gave some helpful advice and after administering said advice, and before I could complete his given suggestion, the blue screen of death popped up AGAIN.  When I told him what the screen said (something like KERNAL_INPUT_SOMETHING_SOMETHING), he said, and I quote, "Bill Gates doesn’t even know what that means!"   Now, that one did really crack me up.  No offense to Bill, I’m sure.  He said the good news is that I have a software problem, probably, and NOT a hardware problem.  He is suggesting I try a system restore and if that doesn’t work, call Rent-a-Geek (or some such place as that).  He says people who really know anything about fixing computers don’t work for the customer service help line at Dell.  They write programs or have a computer repair business of their own.  Good point.  Apparently, baby bro feels strongly about these things. 
So, here I sit.  At the local public library.  Feeling a little weird about typing this from a public computer.  And yet, feeling compelled to do so, because I don’t want y’all to think me MIA.  Say a prayer y’all.  And have a great weekend. 


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10 responses to “Blue is not my favorite color.

  1. Jim

    Bill is, as most of the time, correct.  I would follow him through the gates to digital hell.  (Most of the time that is whre I find myself anyway.)

  2. Toni

    i roughed it at the pub lib last summer;it wasn\’t soooo bad. going computer-free has it\’s positives

  3. barnyardmama

    Just poppin\’ in to say hi!

  4. Nooner™

    Er, I hope it gets fixed easily enough!
    Where in the world do you find all these opening quotes. The Dave Barry one here is so perfect for your topic. Do you read tons of books constantly or sumfin?

  5. Sarah

    AARRRGGG!  Computers.
    Anyway, I saw the movie PS I love you.  Thought of your crush and totally agree.  I\’m a happily married woman who would love a trip to Ireland with the girls someday.  That movie was really a good story.  Holly reminds me of me.  Especially in the arguing scene.  Wanting more and wondering when life was going to begin.  That really hit me and helps me realize how blessed my life is with my sweet husband.
    Have fun at the library.  Hope your home PC is working soon.

  6. Tiffany

    Girl… I did the public library thing for a couple months and I will agree that it totally SUCKS!  Especially with a 2 1/2 year old (at the time) running around.  You learn to type VERY fast!  🙂  I hope you get it fixed soon or buy a new one soon!
    Hugs – Tiff

  7. Lena

    Hmmm, public libraries are usually funded by the County.  County = Government.  Anything you said can and will be held against you, so help you God.  Indians are hardest to understand, I agree.  The put curly-q\’s on the end of every word.  Drives me crazy.
    Delaware you say?  What part?  I\’m in Wilmington.  Have we had this conversation before?  If so, forgive my forgetfulness, alot has happened in the past week LOL.
    Have a great weekend, and good luck w/your puter woes <insert curly q>

  8. barnyardmama

    That\’s pretty much my worst nightmare.  my husband uses it for many a practical joke.  Here\’s hoping the ole Geek squad can get the thing back in working order.

  9. Aimee

    lol…sometimes we just HAVE to make it here… 
    ♥~♥ :oD the shortest distance between two people is a smile… :oD ♥~♥

  10. Bill

    You mean KERNEL_STACK_INPAGE_ERROR?  That\’s when windows is trying to read stuff into memory from the hard drive.  99% of the time, it\’s bad RAM (which is bad) or a bad disk (which is worse).  Before you get all radical and pay someone to muck around with it, try out the stuff listed at, you might be able to fix it yourself!  Good luck!

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