Have a Coke and a smile

“Before you put on a frown, make absolutely sure there are no smiles available.”  ~Jim Beggs

“A smile is the universal welcome.”  ~Max Eastman

Some of my sweet blogland friends have so kindly asked as to the state of Big Red.  So nice of y’all to care about her like that!

Well, my new friend, Gene, aka ‘mechanic dude’,  finally found a starter that would fit my car…took him three tries.  Apparently, my car has to have “special” parts.  Red is special like that.

I would like to say that this week, I have had my little Pollyanna-ish-rose-colored-glasses outlook on life confirmed, yet again.

First, we had CVS girl, Alicia.  Now, we have Gene.  Not only did Gene fix my Big Red, BUT, he also drove Red to my house after it was fixed and carried me BACK to his garage so we could settle up.  How nice was that?  I love when people do nice things that they really don’t HAVE to do.  B & E Automotive, you ROCK.

I was having a conversation about this very thing with my sis-in-law, Amy this morning…no, not the pregnant one, the other one. (Baby STILL has not arrived…they will induce next Wednesday if nothing happens before then.)  She was telling me about quite the OPPOSITE experience she had at a Mickey D’s in her town the other day.  It seems that she approached the drive-thru window, where not one of the drive-thru “ladies” uttered the first word to her.  They did not SPEAK.  They did not smile at her, did not thank her or tell her to have a great day.  Not only that, but as the one drive-thru girl put her hand–with her unnaturally long bright green air-brushed fake-fingernails–out the window to take Amy’s debit card, she looked at my SIL like a deer caught in the headlights, with her mouth hanging open like she was about to catch some flies or something!!! Amy said she was so hypnotized by the bright-green-air-brushed-Guinness-Book-of-Records-length nails, that she couldn’t bring herself to say anything to the girl…or her manager who was pre-occupied with a milkshake machine crisis.  So as she drove away, she looked at the number on her receipt and promptly called the manager of the place, who then proceeded to make various excuses for the behavior of her employees.  Is it so much to ask for people to just offer you the minimum courtesy??  I think not.  It’s really not so hard to just smile and say hello to someone…even when you don’t feel like it.  A:  It will make you feel better if you do.  And B:  People will want to patronize your business!  Come ON!  It’s just good customer service.  That’s all I’m saying.  Just SMILE people!!  It’s NOT that hard.  Really, it’s not.  That’s all I have to say about that.

Moving on…

We are off to visit the in-laws this weekend.  So this morning I have been busy running errands and doing laundry and such.  AND while multi-tasking just a few minutes ago here at my desk (IM-ing with my friend, paying bills, blogging and talking to my sis-in-law on the phone–the pregnant one–all at the same time!),  I spilled my (cold) COFFEE all over my shirt and my jeans.  Now, of course this would be the time where all my pants, well the ones that currently FIT ME anyway, have been laundered and are drying.  SO, I changed my shirt.  And remained in my coffee laden pants.  My pants seem to be drying now, but I carry with me the aroma of COFFEE.  On my pants.  My pants have coffee breath.  Not cool.  And now, I must take Lubie to the birdie-sitter, in my coffee pants.  Nice.  I love my java…but I don’t love it enough to wear it as my Ode De Parfum!  Oh well.  No choice at the moment. 

And so, again, the Pollyanna in me finds the silver lining–at least the coffee didn’t spill on my keyboard.




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4 responses to “Have a Coke and a smile

  1. Jim

    I love the smell of coffee, but I have to agree, not on me all the time.  Glad Big Red got fixed.

  2. Toni

    Whoa, hold on. You mean to tell me there was someone actually AT the McDonald\’s drive-thru window to take an order? That\’s awesome! I just wanted a Cheeseburger–just a cheeseburger–the other evening and apparently all the employees were too busy having some sort of McDonald\’s pow-wow to even notice my car in the little TV…or the money window…or the food window…Sigh. So I drove over to the ice cream store instead. Smile!
    Congratulations to your brother and sister in law by the way! And yea! for Big Red!

  3. Sarah

    I am a smiler.  I walk everywhere with a smile.  Then one day at my former job, my boss asked me why I always had a smirk on my face.  A smirk?  Can you believe that?  I was really shocked.  Do I really look like I\’m smirking?  I mean, I don\’t walk around with a big toothy grin smile, just a smile, so I guess it could look like a smirk to those less happy people who don\’t know the differece between a smirk and smile.  Ha!

  4. Bill

    Coffee perfume?  Not so much…but if they had BACON perfume, well then men would chase women ALL THE TIME.  Y\’all wouldn\’t be able to get anything DONE, because men wouldn\’t leave you alone.

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