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Our baby birds are growing up!  It’s amazing how much they’ve changed in just a matter of a few days!  As Emma said, they are starting to look like real birds! Ha.

I caught a glimpse of mama bird this morning on film…just her backside on the far left there.   She was in the act of escaping the evil paparazzi!! ———–>

And speaking of babies…My younger brother and his wife went to the hospital yesterday afternoon expecting to then leave said hospital with their sweet new baby girl in tow!  But nooooo.  Hospital decided to send them home last night because even though she was having regular contractions, she wasn’t really progressing like they wanted her to.  To me that says “we have no beds right now so we’re sending you home to labor on your own.  Come back when you’re crowning.”  I could be wrong.  But I’m sure they were disappointed.  I know I was!!    Maybe today guys!  I know my sister-in-law is beyond ready!

Emma and I had a mom/daughter day yesterday.  We went to see Nim’s Island.  The movie was cute, yet predictable, with that adorable Abigail Breslin ( Loved her in Little Miss Sunshine –great flick!), Jodie Foster AND <dreamy sigh> that delicious Scottish hunka burnin’ love, Gerard Butler (P.S. I Love You –also great flick!–300, The Phantom of the Opera).  He’s a verra bonny lad indeed…Oh, that Scottish burr, just gets me every time.  <shiver> He’s my  pick to play Jamie Fraser, should they ever turn my beloved Outlander series of books into films…he’d have to dye his hair red though, but I’d be okay with that.  After my Gerard Butler love-fest, er, I mean, after the movie was over, Em and I did a little window shopping at my friend “TJs” aka T J Maxx, and just basically hung out, until I got the “when are you coming home call” from hubby.  WHO, I would like to say, was fixing us dinner!  Oh yeah!  He grilled some chicken and set the table and everything!  Quite impressive.  He’s my sweetie, what can I say?  It was a fun day.

So we’re off and running into another week.  The kids are counting down now…26 days of school left!  It’s a sprint to the finish.  They still have their end of the year standardized torture, er, testing to come in a couple of weeks.  (Don’t get me started on how much I HATE hate hate standardized testing in the public school system…hate it.  It’s a rant for a different blog altogether.) 

If you think of it, say a prayer for my brother and sis-in-law as they await their sweet Olivia–my blogland friends, Toni and Skrumshz are sure to understand, as they both are nearing the end of their pregnancies!  Hope to have some news to report soon! 

“If nature had arranged that husbands and wives should have children alternatively, there would never be more than three in a family.”  ~Lawrence Housman


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3 responses to “Weekend Randomness

  1. Jim

    My daughter is also counting down the days until school is over.  But only becuase that is when she starts double practices in swimming nd hanging out with her friends at the Swim and Tennis club.

  2. Toni

    Aw, your poor sis in law–Didn\’t you say her due date was the beginning of May? Gotta love that last stretch. Was she dilated at all when they sent her home? How\’s she doing now?
    Love the pics of the baby birds!
    Gerard Butler…He\’s one of the only actors you\’ll hear me actually say the letters "OMG" over…a definite CILF fo\’ sho.
    Pet peeve regarding standardized testing: Teachers who, during the year, let the kids watch movies like Napolean Dynomite twice a week, and then, in the last 2 weeks before testing try to cram in all the material they were too lazy to cover. UUUGGGGG. You\’re right; that\’s a whole \’nother blog in itself…

  3. Bill

    babies are cool, you have to make sure to put pics of the new one up as soon as your sister-in-law lets you!

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