In other news…

Did you know that our cyber friends are actually real live people?? 

I had the pleasure of meeting one of my Spaces friends a couple of weeks ago.  It came as quite a surprise.  Emma and I were walking around at a local festival, perusing various vendors’ booths.  I looked across the way, and lo and behold!  There was a face I recognized…from her photos on her Spaces  page.  She was sitting in a booth displaying her lovely handmade purses (one of which I now proudly own and wear!).  She is truly a lovely person.  You can find her designs at her Etsy shop, Flight of Fancy Designs Go check her out!  It was strange meeting her in person after having only known her through Spaces before…knowing we live in very close proximity to one another.  Strange, but fun.  I hope we get to see each other again soon. 

In other news…not that you wanted to know, but…

…in the spirit of accountability, I am officially announcing, here, for all of cyberspace to see, that I am back on the Weight Watchers wagon.  Yes, well, it needed to happen.  When we lived in Iowa, I worked for WW and was very dedicated to the program.  I am a lifetime member (having originally lost 45 pounds and maintained it for almost 2 years) who has backslidden to her farm-animal-grazing-recreational-eating ways.  I don’t have any excuses.  I just simply fell off the wagon…and fell HARD!  It is too bad, because I look in my closet at all my cute skinny clothes and it just makes me sick!  But NO MORE!  

Here’s what I think…Before we moved, I had already started, slowly, to put a few pounds back on.  I had started to panic and feel out of control.  Then, we moved.  You don’t get much more “out of control” than during the moving experience!  In all the chaos, I abandoned my working out ways, avoided the scale like the plague, and my old friend, Food, (you know him, right?) well, he became my newest and bestest friend–again.  Now, let me say, one thing you learn early on in WW is that Food is NOT your friend.  Food is to nourish, not to nurture. Food is only fuel.  Food loves you and leaves you every time…but when it leaves, it leaves you empty, with a big ole mess to clean up in the wake of its destruction.  If you ask me, it’s a cotton-pickin’ state of emergency, worthy of Federal funds!! 

Well, I am on my way to cleaning up the mess, sans Federal funds, of course.  I am reacquainting myself with my old friends Treadmill, Pineapple, Asics and Exercise, among others.  I have created a support network to keep me honest and accountable.  I will not lie to myself anymore. I got on the scale a week and a half ago for the first time in many months.  I had a momentary reality check (YIKES!), but I am moving on–moving toward my skinny clothes.  I hear them calling me!–“Come back to us!” 

Oh, I’m coming back, alright!  I’m gonna be there soon.  You heard it here first.

“Change will only come when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.” –Dora Lee Scott, WW leader



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8 responses to “In other news…

  1. siobhan

    That is cool that you got to meet her.  A couple of years ago they had a spaces get together here in Vegas and I got to meet a few people.  The greatest was meeting this lovely lady named Willba who we all knew as Mud Treasure.  She loved pottery ands was so talented  A few months after the Vegas trip she lost a long battle with cancer.  I don\’t know if you ever knew her but meeting her was such a pleasure.  She was a pure and gentle soul.
    Good luck with the WW.  I need to drop some weight too, preferably on my husband.  He wears the same jeans that he wore 10 years ago when we got married.  So not fair! 

  2. Wahzat

    woohooo good for you for sticking with your gunsSigh i need to get myself motivated as well.Keep goodG

  3. Sarah

    I love the quote about change.  The funny thing is my husband basically said the same thing to me about my job two days ago.  Hmm… I think God is speaking to me.

  4. Toni

    Quit talking like you\’re overweight; you act like you\’re some kind of real person, for crying out loud. I assumed all you computer people looked like Cindy Crawford or Jessica Simpson–take your pick–I\’ll never really know. 🙂
    Honestly, good luck fitting back into the skinny clothes. I\’ll be right along with you towards the end of May.

  5. Lena

    LMFAO @ "If you ask me, it\’s a cotton-pickin\’ state of emergency, worthy of Federal funds!!"
    Perhaps someone can introduce a porker-barrel spending bill into legislation just for this!  Shall I call my Senators and Congressmen?  I\’m right on top of that!
    Have a great weekend.  I\’m heading to South Cackalacky tonight for some sun, sand, sailing, relaxation, and all that jazz.  Ha-cha-cha-cha!

  6. poythress

    First let me say (as if you don\’t already know), I am SO proud of you!  We are doing this TOGETHER!  I love ya, and I appreciate your support, and REAL soon we are all going to be back in our skinny clothes together!  Well, not the same clothes togther–that would be the fat clothes–but you know what I mean. . .I love ya.  Talk to you soon!

  7. Jim

    Sounds like a plan.  So will there be a 5k in your future? 

  8. Bill

    oooh….you people all live only in my computer.  I think if I actually met one of you IRL, my whole universe would collapse like a black hole.

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