I don’t speak Whinese…much.



Enjoy the green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

“Untold suffering seldom is.”  ~Franklin P. Jones


Word Of The Day: fanfaronade (fan-fare-uh-‘nayde) A noun meaning empty boasting:  bluster.  Sentence: We soon found out that Christopher’s claim that he could play the bagpipes was nothing but fanfaronade–he turned out to be just as bad as the rest of us.   I know some people like this, don’t you??  I mean, I’ve always bragged about my bagpipe skills…thankfully no one has ever called me on it.



OY!  The weekend is over again.  The horror!

Last night, as Emma mopingly started to head up the stairs, she peeked back around the corner at me and said, in Whinese, “Mooooom, the weeeeeekend is never loooooong enough.”  I generally don’t reply when my children speak in Whinese, but this time I had to agree with her and give her a hearty, “I knoooooow,” complete with head tilting and foot stomping.  Waaaaah!  Somebody call the waaaaaambulance!

So, that was that and it didn’t stop Monday from coming.

We are able to console ourselves with the fact that it is a 3 day school week.  My kids’ spring break starts Thursday.  And for the first time in 4 years, their spring break falls around Easter.  In Iowa City, our spring break always coincided with the university, so it was NEVER around Easter.  I found that to be a bummer.  Previously, we had always had a week off from school in the spring and it always included Good Friday and Easter Monday.  Always.  So it was a bit of an adjustment when we moved to Iowa City.  Now we’re back in the South, baby.  We are going to go visit the in-laws for the weekend.  It will be nice.  Hubby is anxious to spend some time with his folks.  I’ve mentioned before that his dad is in poor health. 

The following week, the end of spring break, Emma is going on a trip.  WITHOUT HER MOTHER!!  I am a bit devastated, but I suppose I will survive.  She is going to fly to Iowa to visit her peeps.  What?? You may ask…BACKSTORY:  It goes like this…hubby has 3 sisters.  Sister One lives in NC.  Sister Two lives in Iowa City, IA (they moved there a couple of years before we did and I think they will be living there for the rest of their natural lives) .  Sister Three lives in SC, about 3 hours from us and she goes out to Iowa about twice a year to visit sister number 2.  She has invited Emma to travel with her to Iowa so she can visit her peeps.  Sisters Two and Three and the grandma have gone in together to get Emma her plane ticket as an early birthday present.  Now you are all caught up…So she won’t be flying by herself.  But still.  I will miss her.  She won’t miss me.  And I’m sure she will have a great time.

Last Friday afternoon we visited a new bird store here in town.  They have some way cool birds.  For example, there is Rocky, a Moluccan Cockatoo.  (The picture is not Rocky, but another like him.)  The coloring is so beautiful and that dude can ring like a telephone!  Not kidding.  It is freaky.  There was a fellow in there, not an employee of the bird store, but OBVIOUSLY an avid bird lover.  He was just a wealth of information.  Following us around the store sharing tidbit after tidbit.  <insert awkward smile here> We finally leave the store, hop in Big Red and then Jacob says, “Mom, that guy was like an information desk…only, without the desk.”   Oh, how I cracked up at that one.  That kid is full of ‘ em. 

I’m off to do some much delayed housework.  We are expecting some friends in for a couple of days this week.  I always find that somewhat motivational.



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10 responses to “I don’t speak Whinese…much.

  1. Unknown

    That guy sounds like an undiagnosed aspie, but lower-functioning than some.

  2. Toni

    Sometimes it seems like the weekend is too long–or spring break, whichever. Cheyenne: "Mooooom I\’m sooooo bored." Augh!
    What\’s the age difference between Jacob and Emma again? Isn\’t it great that their old enough to crack jokes that you actually get and vice versa? And it\’s so sad when they go willingly go off without you–and Iowa seems so far away–but she\’ll have fun.

  3. barnyardmama

    Awwww. . . Emma is growing up!  Visiting her peeps without you. 
    Spring breaks are often all messed up around here.  I think it\’s working out so well this year because Easter is so early normally, the break is in March and then Easter comes in April.  It is nice when the break coincides with Easter, but it\’s weird having Easter so freakin\’ early.
    You know, my weekends are so busy that yesterday my husband said, "thank goodness it\’s Monday–we can finally get some rest." 
    I got my rug at a big tent sale hosted by Home Depot.  I think they travel around, so maybe it will come to your town.

  4. Sarah

    Your son cracks me up too.  I love comments on life.

  5. Jim

    I feel the same way each Sunday evening.

  6. siobhan

    Happy St. Pats.  Spring Break for me growing up always started Good Friday and then the week after Easter.  The public schools in Vegas, have it the week preceding Easter.  The Monday after Easter you have to go bacl to school, which is stupid.  What if you want to travel for Easter.  You\’d have to fly home on Easter Sunday! 
    Hope your daughter has a great time!

  7. Lena

    Mmmmmmmmmm, spring break means summer\’s right around the corner.  Woooooohoooooo!  Booked a long weekend in HHI for next month and it can\’t get here soon enough! 
    Question:  do you prefer the term fanfaronade over "big ol\’ lie"? 
    Guess it depends on the empty boaster, huh?

  8. Nooner™

    Hi Joell,
    Erin Go Bragh!
    Today is like a relative\’s birthday-of-sorts. My great-grandmother Lily Green. I do not not much about her now that generations between us have passed away, but I remember her nonetheless once a year and every St. Patrick\’s Day it that day.
    I\’d be delighted to sing "I feel pretty" if given the chance to join a "girls\’s night out". I guess it comes as no surprise if I admit that "drunk women" are amongst my favorite… HaHaHa.
    I\’m smiling here at your blog. I find it quite fascinating how "pen pals" get "to know each other" and remember so much about one another. I\’m smiling because "here you are" visiting a "bird store" and from the sounds of it are "fascinated", YET not long ago it was YOU who disliked pet birds. HaHaHa. Oh my, how things change!!! Please tell Lubie "Nooney says Hi". lol.

  9. Aimee

    well you have lot\’s going on for sure…
    Happy St Patty\’s Day!!
    *~* :o) everyone smiles in the same language… :o) *~*

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