It’s a boy!

“I’m youth, I’m joy, I’m a little bird that has broken out of the egg.”
~Sir James M. Barrie


I would like to introduce you all to the newest member of our family–a male parakeet called “Lubie”.  He is a very handsome boy indeed. 


And Jacob is SO happy–and that sure makes a mama happy! I mean, just LOOK at that face!


Not the bird’s, Jacob’s.  Now there is the face of a happy boy.  Lubie has seemed a little nervous and was silent since he got home on Friday.  Until all of a sudden late Saturday afternoon, he gave us 4 pretty hearty CHIRPS.  It was rather exciting.  He also was on a bit of a hunger strike.  We (and when I say “we” I mean “I”) even boiled him an egg and he hasn’t touched it.  I’m hoping it’s just his nerves.  Then finally, last night, we hear a little CRUNCH CRUNCH over in the vicinity of the cage, and sure enough, he was having a little birdie snack.  Yum Yum.  Still never touched the egg, though.  Hmm.  Had to throw that out this morning.  It was starting to look a little sketchy.  But I think Lubie is starting to warm up and relax a bit.  He’s still nervous, but, hey, who wouldn’t be, right?  We’ve been hearing a few more chirps and some more snacking.  He’s even learning to “step up” onto your finger when you ask him to.  Best of all, he’s not a biter.  Really glad about that.  Can’t have the parakeet chewing off our fingers, now can we? 

You may be asking, “Lubie?  What in the heck kinda name is that?”  Well, I’ll tell you.  Way back when, back before we acquired our crazy, lovable, dog Jiffy, Jacob always said that “when” we got a dog, he would want to name it Jiffy.  Where that came from, I’m not sure, but that’s what he always said.  He was probably 4 or 5 at the time.  I figured it would pass, but when we got the dog, that was still the name.  So, we went with it.  It’s original, and frankly, it suits her to a “T”.  Over the years, Jiffy has often been paired with the words “cornbread” and “Lube”.  Jiffy cornbread, a brand name “from the box” cornbread mix…quite delish, and Jiffy Lube–as in, the place where you can get a quickie oil change.  In honor of that, Jacob decided that we should have both a Jiffy and a Lube in our house.  So, instead of the “Billy Bob” that we originally thought we’d have, we now have Lube, aka Lubie. I’ve gotta admit, I kinda like it.  Leave it to my original, awesome kid to come up with an original, awesome name.

Confession time:  I never thought I’d be a bird person.  In fact, let’s just say, I was a bird hater.  Truth:  I had a full-on bird phobia until, oh, about 6 years ago.  Yeah.  Seriously.  My dear friend, Kathy, of retreat fame, has a bird, a parakeet.  Has had about 5 of them, actually.  I think it was bird number 4, Obie, who helped me through my bird issue.  It was one year when I had gone to Kathy’s for the retreat weekend, and Kathy’s daughter really, I mean, really wanted me to “meet” Obie.  PANIC.  But who was I to deny that sweet girl the pleasure of introducing me, her beloved “Miss Joell”, to her bird?  I was freaking out, though.  My heart was about to jump out of my chest.  Shortness of breath.  I was having a serious panic attack. It was crazy–that’s why it’s called a phobia, HELLO.  And if any of you have phobias, you know exactly what I am talking about.  But I was determined.  “We shall overcooooome.”  Obie was fluttering around and I thought I would lose it.  I mean, what was I afraid of?  I was seeing the headlines…”Parakeet Pecks Out Eyes of Woman”  or “Parakeet Gives Phobic Woman Heart Attack”.  What a lunatic I am.  Anyway, Obie stepped up on my (shaking) finger…climbed up my (panicky) arm, rested on my shoulder, and started pecking at my earring and my hair and well, I was cured–and hooked.  I can see why Jacob loves them so much.  Obie has since gone to the great birdie graveyard in the sky and now they have Zebbie, who I am always glad to see every time I visit them.

Here’s to Obie…may he rest in peace.

And here’s to many years of happiness with Lubie.  And happiness for Jacob.



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3 responses to “It’s a boy!

  1. Lena

    Love me some Lubie!  I love birds.  And what is it about happy sons that make us mom\’s go weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?  Nothing makes me happier than a smile on my lil man\’s face.
    I\’m in Hotlanta, finally.  What is normally less than a 2 hour flight turned into a 6 hour flight with an unexpected stop in Columbia, SC so the pilot could inspect the aircraft after we were hit, not once, but twice by lightening strikes.  Hmmmmm, maybe it\’s me, but I thought they were supposed to go AROUND storms, not through them.  Trying day.  My nerves are shot.  Your blog (and your comments over yonder) made me smile.
    Nothing says "welcome home" like crossing the Chattahoochie.
    Happy Birthday Jacob!!!!!

  2. Nooner™

    My weekend\’s complete! Since reading about the February 14th Jacob\’s Day, I had been looking forward to pics of his birthday present. Honest to goodness! So, let me add my congrats to the addition to your household! And what great smiles there are on BOTH your children\’s faces. That in itself is so heartwarming. It\’s no wonder you are so proud.

  3. Bill

    Congratulations on Lubie, I know Jacob will love her.  You need to let her out and fly around the house…THAT would be cool, until you had to clean up little bits of bird poop.

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