House Arrest Lifted–in more ways than one



“Eliminate physical clutter.  More importantly, eliminate spiritual clutter.”  ~D.H. Mondfleur

“The sculptor produces the beautiful statue by chipping away such parts of the marble block as are not needed – it is a process of elimination.”  ~Elbert Hubbard



Post-pox report:  Emma went back to school today.  Looking adorable as always.  Secretly, I think she was happy to be going back.  She would never say so, but a mother can tell these things.  She only ever developed pox on her trunk and two on her leg.  So that’s pretty darn mild, if you ask me.  She was very happy to NOT be itchy anymore!  YAY!  Mom is happy for her.  Now we wait about another week or two to see if Jacob will break out!  (Here’s me singing the old ketchup commercial….”ANTI-CI-PAAAATION.  Is making me wait.”)  Looking forward to the day when we will be sickness and disease free for a bit!  Say a prayer, y’all!

Let me preface this next paragraph by saying that I have not completely unpacked/organized stuff in my new house. Don’t be shocked, y’all!  Frankly, I find the whole thing rather overwhelming.  I have a history of procrastination.  SHOCKER.  Don’t know if anyone else can relate to that.  Some of my OCD friends probably can’t…I have always wished to be a little OCD so I could counteract the procrastination, but alas, it is not meant to be.  The only thing that is going to counteract the procrastination gene is hard work, plain and simple.  So, for the most part, I have spent a good bit of time over the last four months, sitting here at the computer looking around saying, “When is all this crap going to unpack itself and find itself a new spot to live in my house??  Because I sure don’t know where it should go!”  <Insert big SIGH here>  Then there’s the vicious cycle of beating yourself up for not having tackled these things because you KNOW that if you just DID IT, that it really wouldn’t take that long and you’d be a much happier camper.   Why oh why. 

So before we spiral down into the vortex of negativity, here’s the time in the blog where I have to give a MAJOR shout out to my friend, Lisa.  HOLLA! 

Now, I don’t want to embarrass her or anything, but…she deserves her props!  She came to see me last Thursday and stayed until yesterday.  The house was in its usual state of disarray.  Only much worse because of the pox, among other things.  I wouldn’t let just ANYone in my house in such a state.  But there are certain folks who love you anyway in spite of your crap.  Thank God I have a few!  Y’all know who you are.  Long story short…I have made major progress!  Thanks to her help.  Sometimes you need someone to say to you, “Do you REALLY love that??”  “That” being the Elmo VHS tape that no one has watched in at least 7 years.  OR the textbooks you saved from college.  OR the unused 100 pieces of Tupperware cluttering your cabinets.  I could go on.  It’s a lot easier to let go of stuff when there is someone there saying that to you.  Lesson learned:  Surround yourself with things you love–Things that make you smile.  It feels good to let go of the clutter that has been weighing me down.  I am sitting here at my clutter-free computer desk.  With my flowers and the framed picture of my favorite quote that Kristi gave me looking back at me and making me feel happy.  To my left are boxes that have stuff in them that still doesn’t have a “home”, but they will.  Soon.  Progress, one step at a time!

I also happen to know that when you begin to eliminate the physical clutter, you begin to eliminate the mental clutter.  And by physical clutter I do mean the crap that fills your home, but I also mean your physical body.  I know I feel better mentally when I exercise consistently.  I feel better mentally when I make better food choices.  I feel better mentally when the laundry is caught up and my bed is made.  I just do.  They go hand in hand.  One directly effects the other.  Is it too late to make a New Year’s resolution?  I suppose mine would have to be this:  Eliminate the mental and physical clutter a little bit each day.  In a year’s time, I’ll be a much happier person.  And a lot lighter in more ways than one.


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9 responses to “House Arrest Lifted–in more ways than one

  1. Tiffany

    I have to say that I don\’t have the clutter problem.  I have the OCD problem you were talking about.  🙂  Well, it\’s not THAT bad, but it drives the hub crazy sometimes!  Like having a messy garage.  I don\’t know why I care in the winter time.  We can\’t fit my truck in there because it\’s too long with the workbenches.  And, it\’s not like I really do anything out there.  But, I guess it\’s the fact that we have a 3 car garage and NONE of the vehicles are parked in there.  RIDICULOUS!  🙂
    Anyway… I\’m glad your friend helped you out and I\’m glad everyone is better.  The flu has been going around this part of the country pretty bad in the past couple of weeks.
    Hugs – Tiffany

  2. Wahzat

    Procrastination Queen here!! Teehee! I have a friend and a sister like that too, but they live so far away I wish they would come over and stay and then arrange my place for me <<giggle>>
    That is so great that Emma is over the pox! And even better that it stayed on her torso. Don\’t worry be positive Jacob is not going to get! Yeah repeat after me " Jacob is going to stay pox free!!" LOL
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Cindy

    I can\’t do clutter.  I have this thing that makes me automatically try to sort and discard clutter … can be embarassing when it\’s not your clutter.

  4. barnyardmama

    I know what you mean–I\’m still living in Box Town, USA.  We have people over to eat, and we don\’t have any where to eat except the breakfast bars.  Those are the true friends!
    Here\’s hoping your family is done with the pox!

  5. Sarah

     I heard it said once before that New Year\’s resolutions must be made 365 days a year.  That way we actully accomplish a goal instead of waiting until next New Year to try again.  So it\’s not too late.

  6. Jim

    I am a pack rat.  Big time. Clutter is an ongoping battle with me.  For me it is all about throwing away something I might be able to use.  For example a little bit of left over grounding wire or that old RS232 serial connector.  you know, most computers do not even have serial ports anymore. But who knows, I might need it.  My wood shop is even worse.  i have scrap wood for that "just in case" need.  Of couse, i never need it.  But it is there in case I do.  At least i can keep my car from getting clutter. 
    More power to you for getting rid of the clutter.  More power to you.

  7. Toni

    Aw, congratulations to Emma for being able to go back to school, although I remember it being pretty cool to be able to show off your chicken pox battle scars the first day back…none of that for her, I hope.
    Well don\’t feel bad about your house; we have unpacked boxes stuffed in various locations; we\’ve been here for over 2 years. But your new years resolution is a good one.

  8. Aimee

    lol…messy houses are lived in…although i suffer from OCD so i couldn\’t live in one…as for the pox…and having so few…i had that when i was a child..then cause i didn\’t get it bad enough wheni was young…i got it again when i was 21…
    *~* :o) if you do not have a smile today… :o) I will give you one of mine… :o) *~*

  9. Bill

    I have the same "clutter" problem.   My other trick is for when I can\’t shut a drawer in the kitchen because it has too much stuff in it: I take stuff out and throw it on the floor until it will close.  My wife HATES it when I do that.The main problem is that while my clutter is necessary and important family heirlooms that we could not possibly get rid of, the wife and kids clutter is just junk.  I don\’t know why they can\’t see that.

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