Pox–day 2

“A pox on the phony king of England! Oo-de-lally!” ~Robin Hood


I just can’t stop thinking about the Disney animated movie, Robin Hood.  You know, where they sing that song…”a pox on the phony King of England”…oh, you don’t know?  Well, maybe someone out there will know what I’m talking about, but if not, just know that it is running a constant loop in my brain.

Thanks to all for your sympathetic comments.  They are much appreciated.  And truly, as always, I see the humor in it all.  No, we can’t seem to catch a break, but DANG…To be sure we have to soon.  Ever the optimist.

I dropped Jacob off at school today and then stopped over at the elementary school to pick up Emma’s schoolwork…much to her dismay!   So after I’m loaded down with 4th grade work, I head home.  Emma is up when I return and looks like she feels better today, but, of course we’ve added a few more pox.  The original 5 are quite itchy though.  I think we’re off for an oatmeal bath in a few.


As I was typing the previous sentence, Emma came in here and asked me what I was doing.  She said the “fake itching” wasn’t working.  She said, “I just want to RAKE RAKE RAKE over my whole body!!!”  ( I confess that I chuckled as she demonstrated what the “rake rake rake” would look like.)  Poor kid.  So I took a break, and Emma took the oatmeal plunge.  She said it was nasty.  Who am I to disagree?  It looked nasty.  In my most convincing “mom voice”, I assured her it would help.   She said she was cold.  I told her we’d snuggle after.  No dice.  I even tried singing a little Hannah Montana “Best of Both Worlds” to her…I rocked it, baby.  C’mon.  Who can resist a crazy mom singing Hannah Montana??  She did crack a smile, but the complaints continued.  Frankly, I can’t blame her.  Now she’s all hopped up on benadryl and “Tom and Jerry”.  And hopefully the benadryl will kick in soon, so she won’t have to RAKE RAKE RAKE…at least for a couple of hours anyway.

It’s funny, I find myself quite itchy too.  It’s kinda like the lice where my head was itching like crazy and I was sure that I had contracted the little critters myself.  Sympathetic itching or something like that.  Akin to sympathetic pregnancy weight gain, phantom pains and the like.  At least with the pox, I know I can’t catch it.  I’ve decided I’d rather have the pox than head lice any day.

(I’m suddenly hearing a “Mama, I’m itchy” call from the other room.)

She doesn’t look too miserable, eh?  Here she is in her cozy spot on the couch.  No pox on the face or arms yet, so she’s looking pretty good.  I warned her it will probably get worse before it gets better.  She has pulled Jiffy up on the couch with her.  “Mom, can dogs get the chicken pox?”  Hmm.  I guess we’ll find out.



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4 responses to “Pox–day 2

  1. Sarah

    I wonder if an oatmeal bath will help my sons irritated skin?  I used a few cups of dry oatmeal once in my own bath trying to make my own "Natural" way.  Then when I drained the water out the oatmeal clogged in the drain.  I never did that again.  AVEENO!

  2. Toni

    Ooo, the Robin Hood song! My favorite part? When Little John goes "Lay that country on me, babe" and Maid Marion gets down; you know that part…and then of course there\’s the awesome puppet show…
    I hope Emma gets over the pox fast, although she looks completely happy kickin it there on her pillow with the dog. Can dogs get chicken pox?

  3. Nooner™

    Hi Joell,
    I read both blogs to catch up. Poor Emma! Yet, what a fantastic smile in the photo! Great, great pic.
    In spite of all the unpleasantness you and the family are enduring, it is nice that you find some humor here and there. Like in your singing .. and in the description of Sympathy Itching. I remember that all to well from "head lice" outbreaks of our kids in school days. I was sure I had it too. So sure that I would wash my hair with that special shampoo that smells just awful. Now I\’m laughing at myself just thinking about it. Well, here\’s hoping Emma feels better fast, and that Jacob lucks out and doesn\’t get it!

  4. Jim

    She does look comfortable.  Whatever she does, don\’t scratch.  I have always been told that will make matters worse.  Try scratching around them but not on them. Sort of like what you have to dowhen the SC/NC state bird bites you.  🙂
    An oatmeal bath?  Is that like some girlie bath suds or is that really what it sounds like, a bath in real Oatmeal?

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