Would you believe?

A healthy body is a guest chamber for the soul: a sick body is a prison. ~Francis Bacon


Has somebody out there got voodoo dolls with the faces of my family on them?  I mean, really.  Enough is enough.

I sleep like the dead and so I might carry on a whole conversation with you in the middle of the night and not have the faintest idea the next day of what we had talked about.   But last night, at some point after I had crashed out, Emma comes into our room and says, “Mommy, I’m thirsty and I have a bug bite on my back that itches really bad.”  In my fogginess, I say, “Isn’t there some water on your bedside table?”  She says there is and goes back to bed.  Now, in my mind, even in my sleepy state, I knew that was no bug bite.  I knew it was “the pox”.  How did you know this, you ask?  I know this because over the Christmas holidays amidst all the family fun and jocularity, my nephew had “the pox”.  Then on New Year’s Day, my other nephew (first nephew’s younger bro) “broke the Guinness Record for chicken pops” (his words).  I was lulled into a false sense of security by a varicella vaccination my kids received, oh, about 7 years ago.  Yes, the very thing which is meant to prevent a chicken pox outbreak–but yet it only works 85% of the time.  What’s more, you are now apparently supposed to get a booster for your varicella vaccine, unbeknownst to me.  Hello??  I did not get the memo.  SIGH.

So I get up this I morning and Emma looks flushed and a little feverish.  She says she has a headache.  She has 2 pox on her chest/stomach, one pock on her back and one on her knee.  She isn’t feeling so great.  Again, I said, “it’s chicken pox”.  A few hours later a doctor confirms what I already know.  The thing is, he says, because she was vaccinated, it’s hard to tell how it will run its course.  He assured me she wouldn’t “go POOF” (his words) and I took that to mean she wouldn’t turn into one giant pock.  He felt certain it would be a mild outbreak.  Give acetaminophen for fever and headache, caladryl lotion for itching, blah blah blah…and we were out of there.  After we got home, we found another one on her scalp on the side of her head.  Ew.  I gave her some more acetaminophen, some benadryl, slathered on some caladryl, propped her up on the couch in front of cartoon network and there ya go.  She’s all good.  For now.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings.   Hopefully it won’t bring “the pox” to Jacob.  Doc said he might break out tomorrow, in two weeks or never.  Really.  Well, thanks Sherlock.  I think I coulda figured that one out on my own.

The other fun part of this whole scenario is contacting all the folks we’ve infected.  Now, a huge plus on this front is that the kids had teacher workdays this Monday and Tuesday, so the kids at school have not been infected.  (You are apparently contagious for a couple of days before you break out.)  BUT, Emma had a friend spend the night Monday night and she had that same girl and three more girls over to play yesterday.  SO, I spent some time today calling those moms and sharing the good news with them.   All of a sudden, I had a flash back from when I got That Call about the head lice from that mom last spring.  I was suddenly the mom making “the call” and, I must confess it was not a warm and fuzzy feeling.  But yet, I felt compelled to do it.  Keep in mind, these are people I do not know well at all.  If they were people I knew fairly well, maybe it would be a little less awkward.  But hey, what can ya do?  You suck it up and make the call.  The first two moms were very nice and the first thing they both said, was “do you need anything?” Which was pretty surprising, but sweet and very much appreciated.  The third mom was in shock, I think.  Not unkind, but not real thrilled either.  I felt so bad, but oh well.  I’m just glad the calls are made.  I also emailed Emma’s teacher, who replied saying she has never had the chicken pox.  What??!  How can you be an elementary school teacher and not get such a common childhood disease?  I’m gonna suggest she make a bee-line to the nearest varicella vaccine dispenser!  I wouldn’t want to be a 28 year old woman with the chicken pox.  I’m just sayin’.

I’m off to check on the contaminated one.  We are now officially on house arrest.  It could be worse.



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10 responses to “Would you believe?

  1. Lena

    song = son
    I\’m a dork!

  2. Lena

    ok, I\’m itching after reading this blog LOL
    I had them when I was little.  My song had a mild outbreak after he was vaccinated.  I heard the older you are when you get them, the worst it is.  I remember having to take oatmeal baths.  ACK! 
    Again, hope she\’s healthy by now, but if not, soon!

  3. Wahzat

    Teehee I have never had the chicken pox either and I am way past 30 LOL !
    Your poor daughter! Poor you! Well I have no advice naturally I can only tell you to ensure that she doesn\’t itch that spreads them more!
    Happy Happy New Year by the way!
    Do you mind if I add you to my fav blog list? I am enjoying your point of view!

  4. Aimee

    well it\’s not that bad of a call..it could be worse…
    *~* :o) if you do not have a smile today… :o) I will give you one of mine… :o) *~*

  5. barnyardmama

    Ok, I feel bad for Emma.  You need to get her a bath in Oatmeal–that was the ticket when I had "the pox" about eight million years ago.
    That mom who wasn\’t completely cool needs to take  a chill pill.  It\’s chicken pox!!!! We all had it–I don\’t know what she\’s freakin\’ about.  It\’s not like her daughter is an infant or something.  She sounds alittle hypochoncrical or something.

  6. Bill

    Ugh, poor Emma!  I laughed at the part about the cartoon network, that\’s the instant child-pleaser here too <g>.  You guys have had quite a run of sickness lately, havent you?

  7. Toni

    I\’m sorry, but I\’m laughing, because the one thing that\’s sticking out in your blog is the lady who liced you guys a while ago; payback\’s hell isn\’t it? I know that\’s not how you thought of it but I\’m demented like that, so…
    Gosh I hope Emma gets to feeling better…and that the pox don\’t get too bad…and that Jacob doesn\’t get them at all. And What\’s up with the chicken pox boosters? I wasn\’t aware of those! Good to know!
    You guys just take things easy. You\’ve had a rough month. ~Toni

  8. Tiffany

    OMG… you guys have really just had a round of everything recently!  I\’m sorry to hear that!  I remember having pox when I was little and it wasn\’t fun.  But, you cannot know in advance when your child is going to break out and get it and infect others.  So, don\’t feel bad about the other kids.  Hey… at least you called the parents so they would know where it came from if they break out!  🙂  Don\’t worry about it!
    I\’m sending good health vibes your way!
    Hugs – Tiffany

  9. Jim

    You guys just can\’t catch a break.  Hang in there.  My daughter got the "pops" after getting vaccinated also. I think I remember she was 4 years after being vaccinated.  The nice thing was her "pops" were very very mild becuase of the vaccine.  Hope Emma gets a mild case, gets through quickly and is back up and running quickly.

  10. Sarah

    Oh the poor girl.  I haven\’t yet had to deal with any serious childhood illnesses with my boy.  He\’s just been adopted last November so I certainly have a lifetime of fun to expect.  My friend describes him as a "cherub with a rebel streak."

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