“Wildcats everywhere, raise your hands up in the air…”

If those words mean nothing to you then you obviously do NOT have a daughter between the ages of 7 and 12 living in your home. 

Here are three words for you.  HIGH. SCHOOL. MUSICAL.  Wait, I’ve got three more.  THE. ICE. TOUR.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, let me just give a little info.  High School Musical is a Disney movie.  The main characters are Troy (the school basketball star) and Gabriella (new girl at school and brainiac) who find themselves auditioning for the school’s “musicale” and falling in teeny-bopper love.  Add some catchy songs and dance numbers and a few more quirky friends, and VOILA! you have High School Musical.  I like to call it, HSM.  There is also a High School Musical 2 and I’ve heard there will be an HSM 3 as well.  It is this generation’s “GREASE” only without all the swearing and sexual innuendo and the teen pregnancy scare. 

Thanks to my bff Kristi, we (Emma and I) were able to get tickets to go see HSM–The Ice Tour with Kristi and her daughter, Sarah, on Saturday night.  Along with some of Sarah’s other girls scout buddies.  It’s HSM on ice skates.  I had never been to any show “on ice” before (aka Ice Capades, Disney Princesses, Sesame Street or the like), so I had no frame of reference and no expectations.  But I just have to say, from start to finish, this was an amazing show.  The lighting, the props, the skating.  Really great.  What really cracked me up was all the HSM Dads who were there.  And I mean they were rocking out with the HSM tunes right along with everyone else.  At one point, before the show started, there was even an HSM GRANDPA who was standing up busting a move with the pre-show tunes.  I do not make this stuff up, people!  It was too funny. 

The girls were on cloud nine.  Singing along with all the songs, all starry-eyed.  Oh, and the kids had fun too! 









“Did you ever feel like there’s this whole other person inside you, just looking for a way to come out?” ~said by Gabriella Montez in High School Musical


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4 responses to ““Wildcats everywhere, raise your hands up in the air…”

  1. Toni

    My kid pretends to loathe High School Musical and anything related, but I know she secretly loves it. Caleb loves to make fun of it–He does a great "Troy on a Golf Course" Routine.
    Is your daughter into Hannah Montana at all? That\’s another one Cheyenne pretends to hate.

  2. Beth

    It sounds like a good time was had by all.  Thank you for visiting my space and signing my guestbook.

  3. Tiffany

    Girl… I\’m 30 years old and LOVE High School Musical!  My friends 11 year old daughter got me hooked on it while I was babysitting her and her little brother one weekend.  hehehehe  That looks like it was so much fun!
    BTW, are you enjoying living on the east coast still?  Did you guys ever sell your house?  We are still trying to sell our house… the market is just horrible right now!
    Hugs – Tiffany

  4. Bill

    I hope everyone\’s better!  I haven one who is obsessed by HSM too, but he\’s only 7.  It gets old after a while, but it\’s better than getting obsessed with Heavy Metal or something like that.

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