Caffeinated Musings

Caffeine isn’t a drug, it’s a vitamin!  ~Author Unknown


I’m a little hyped up on my coffee right now, so this should be interesting.  I’m typing like a zillion words a minute, but am having to backspace a lot because my fingers are so spazy due to my caffeine consumption. *twitch twitch*  Can anyone else relate?  Okay, slow down brain. 

I’m sitting here waiting for the powerwasher guys to arrive.  Got a nastygram last week from our homeowner’s association (aka “neighborhood nazis”) stating that we needed to “please power wash our home”.  What?  *raised eyebrow* It doesn’t look too bad to me.  We just moved in here in August.  I’ve barely had time to read the novel dissertation packet that is the “DECLARATION OF COVENANTS, CONDITIONS, RESTRICTIONS AND EASEMENTS” of our subdivision.  But I have now looked it over, post-nastygram, and have yet to find anything about power washing, home maintenance, or the like.  I composed an email to the nazis property managers and very kindly expressed our “desire to be in compliance with the covenants”.  I also asked them to waive the $25 fine as we were showing “good faith in working very diligently to resolve this issue”.  Reply came. Fee waived.  Darn, I’m good.  I’m such a little ray of sunshine.

But now, I’m just looking around wondering, “who, on my street, is the powerwash police?”  It could make you kinda paranoid.    We did make an attempt to do it ourselves, hoping to save some money. CHA-CHING.  But, our roof is so pitchy and steep.  It was really nervewracking watching my hubby climbing on the roof, trying to manage a 24 foot extention ladder.  Let’s just say the ladder was a bit “wonky” and when he stepped on it to get to the second story on the side of the house, had I not been standing there, there was a back injury just waiting to happen. Envision said “wonky” ladder ever-so-slowly sliding sideways down the vinyl siding, hubby going down with it.  Me running slo-mo toward him, arms extended, “noooooo!!”  I hollered at him…Get down from there!  Are you trying to break your skull??  Oh we tried to reposition the ladder and really gave it the college try, but it just wasn’t happening.  Time to call in the professionals.  SO, I made some phone calls and here we are.  Putting out the cash for the neighborhood nazis.  Just makes you want to build a hot pink storage shed right on the front lawn, ya know?

But that would be wrong.  Wouldn’t it??



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4 responses to “Caffeinated Musings

  1. Nooner™

    Hi Joell,
    How many cups of coffee can you have in one day? I love coffee but I stop at two cups. Love the line: "Caffeine isn\’t a drug, it\’s a vitamin!" lol
    You reminded me that I need my house Power Washed. Green spots are on two sides. Ugh. Was there a variance in prices when you "made some phone calls"? What\’s the going rate down there for a two story? I haven\’t a clue what I\’m in for yet.

  2. Toni

    What better than a car on blocks and a broken toilet in your front yard? You brought up a valid point–yes, you have to deal with the homeowners association, but WHO COMPLAINED IN THE FIRST PLACE? Hmm…trust no one. The only thing we ever complain about are the stupid little anarchist shih-tsus and malteses that run wild through our neighborhood.
    Jacob is a cutie–do you have little girls calling the house yet?
    I\’ll say you caught up on my page–that\’s a lot of reading! Thanks though for all the comments–btw I may have thrown the friend invite out–honestly I\’m so terrible. I delete stuff without even looking at it. So try again…because I\’m not sure how. Maybe I\’ll try to figure it out. If you get an invite from me that means I was successful. Okay.

  3. Bill

    I\’m not allowed to talk to the homeowners association anymore, after our last house.  Every time they yell at us for having bikes in the yard or whatever, I threaten (to my wife) to paint "My neighbors suck" on the side of the house…because the covenants dont say that I can\’t do THAT.  But she never lets me.  She has no sense of humor.The other thing I wanted to try was to get myself elected to the board, and then vote the HOA out of existence.  Unfortunately,  the covenants in our neighborhood specifically disallow doing that.  They DO specifically disallow having a flag, and I have one I put up on holidays, etc.  I want them to come after me for that.

  4. siobhan

    I could never live in a place with a homeowners association.  I would paint my HOUSE hot pink just to screw with their world!  They are a bunch of nazis  I had one friend who worked nights so she would put her trash can down at the curb before she left for work the night before because there was no way she would be up in the morning to do it and her homeowner nazis were all over her for that!!  The person in charge is always some anal retentive jerk with way too much time on his or her hands!!  Having to powerwash your house????  That is nuts, not to mention petty!

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