More Favorite Things

Man, I have to give you a few more of my faves.  I couldn’t stop at just 6…

7. No Panty Line Promise® Modal Hip Brief by Jockey.

Must, I repeat, must, say “soft as cotton” on the tag to be the “right” ones.  Maybe this is too personal, but these panties are the best dang panties I’ve ever owned.  Bar none!  I will never purchase anything else.  That is, unless and until they decide to discontinue them.  Which is what generally happens when I profess my undying love for a certain product.  SIGH.  We’ll see how this goes…I may have just given them the kiss of death. And no that isn’t me modeling the drawers!  Ladies, get some of your own!

8. Croc Flops

These are shoes made by the Crocs people.  The shoes that have swept the nation!!  These shoes have hardly been off my feet since I got them this spring.  They are so comfortable and they go with everything. LOVE them!  We all have a pair at my house.  There are many styles of Crocs, and they don’t all have this same squishy footbed, though.  Be warned. 


9. Jenni K Jewelry

Uniquely | Jenni K JewelryThis lady makes the coolest jewelry. I have loads of it and it’s pretty much all I wear.  Love it.  Mostly geometric.  Comes in two-tone or not.  Comes with gems stones or not.  Earrings, bracelets, rings.  You name it.  I could be a walking commercial for Jenni K.  (Call me, girl.  We should talk.) You can visit her store in Greenville, NC or check her out online.  Don’t forget about the amazing annual half price sale every August. Love me some Jenni!

10. Chef’n Palm Peeler

This is THE coolest vegetable peeler ever!  I love this thing.  I know it doesn’t seem like much, but when you peel a lot of carrots and you are a lefty, a coolio tool like this one is very handy to have.  You can probably pick it up at your local “kitchen stuff” store for about 5 dollars.  Love it.  It’s the little things in life, ya know?

That will do for now, but I would like to reserve the right to impose some more of my favorite stuff on y’all in the future!



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13 responses to “More Favorite Things

  1. Unknown

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  2. Unknown

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  3. Nooner™

    HaHaHa…. See? …. Told ya I\’d check out the Link!
    I mistook the read of the other blog and thought you had a photo album of some sort. BUT, I remember this blog! And reread my comment way below. So funny how many times I\’ve commented on your "writing" and how it captivates the reader. Reading your comment once again on the vegetable peeler, ya can\’t help but read it and feel an enthusiasm in your voice as you describe something you really, really like.
    Oh, and naturally I\’d recognize in a nano-second those tres-cute red colored toes inside the Croc Flops. Somehow I think I see them all the time in an album somewhere .. lol.
    Happy Weekend to ya, Joell. From the perviest of your online friendships!

  4. Minh

    Have you tried using those undies you just talked about as sleepwear/loungwear w a tank top?  All my gfs do it cause here in Calif, it\’s warm most of the year. 

  5. Cindy

    Hmmm … I find it strange that I didn\’t comment the first time I was here.  I know I\’ve read this before.  Must not have had anything interesting or witty to say … kinda like now.

  6. Toni

    Okay, your opinion: Crocs or Croc Flops? I\’m debating on getting my mom one or the other for Christmas. Oh, and I read down a little ways to catch up. I about died laughing at your getting pulled over–only because I am a nervous wreck whenever I leave the house, watching my back. December will be 3 years in Oklahoma and I still haven\’t switched over my drivers liscense. I wonder what kind of ticket I\’d get?

  7. Aimee

    i might have to try the undies…
    *~* :o) if you don\’t have a smile to give… :o) I will give you one of mine… :o) *~*

  8. barnyardmama

    Hmmmmm. . the best underwear ever?  This might need some investigation.

  9. Thot

    coolio…how long has it been since that word fell from my lips…I was about 13 and sleeping out under the stars had us telling such tall tales…after which we all said wow…cool…and not to be the same marc said…that is coolio…thus began a year long use of a word that had its own catagory…like right arm…farm out…and a number of other almost fambuluos expressions…another perfectly great blog

  10. Nooner™

    Hi Joell,
    So you are a lefty, eh? I\’m right handed, but I married a lefty. Over the years I\’ve come to realize that more manufacturers should be more "left handed concious". One of the little pet peeves I have is in coffee mugs. Most with a saying or logo on them (like a college name, etc.) are designed for people who pick them up in their right hand. My wife loves both cats and coffee mugs and we have found one person who makes it convenient by printing on all sides of a mug… Laurel Burch.
    I smiled at the discussion on the panty briefs you enjoy so much. I\’m the same way when it comes to boxers. I\’m very picking in especially liking those made out of very fine cottons, like those sold by Brooks Brothers.
    Great series you have here with this additonal "My Faves". What\’s particularly interesting is the fervor in your writing as in "This is THE coolest vegetable peeler ever!"… HaHaHa.. Love it. 🙂

  11. Bill

    OMG, I can\’t believe I just read a post about ladies underwear that wasn\’t a Victoria\’s Secret ad.

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