Picture this…

ME.  At the beach.  Sitting in my beach chair.  Reading my “beach read”.  Then closing my eyes and breathing in the beach air.  It smells of salt and sunscreen.  It smells good.  Listening to the beach birds, screaming for someone to feed them.  Opening my eyes to view the beach people.  Now aren’t THEY hilarious.  Very.  You can tell the beach natives from the vacationers.  The natives are brown and leathery.  The tourists are FRIED. 

I’ve already appropriately slathered up the kids with their 50 sunscreen.  They are happily digging the moat for their awesome sand castle. Wait, no, they are riding the waves in on their boogie boards, HUGE grins on their faces. “Daddy look at me!”  Their Daddy cheering them on.  I am just sitting, watching, smiling.  Toes digging in the sand.  Such contentment. 


There is a slight breeze, by the way.  A perfect 85 degrees, partly cloudy.  The sun peeks in and out.  Playing hide and seek.  It’s nice that way.  I reach over to the cooler and pull out something cold to drink.  Preferably something with a twist top, so you can set it back in the cooler.  That way it can stay cold and you can avoid getting the icky sand bottom! Gross.  Nobody likes icky sand bottom…either on your Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper OR on your “other” bottom! Ewww.

It’s time for a walk down the beach.  Hubby and I start heading in the direction of the pier.  The kids run on ahead of us, picking up shells that we will “have to” take home with us later.  For what??  I don’t know, but we always do it anyway.  They throw some at the waves.  They chase the gulls.  We walk.  The pier is getting a little closer, but then we decide to head back.


It’s about 6 PM on the beach now.  My favorite time of day here.  The majority of the horde of people have headed in to clean up and have dinner–hardly anyone left on the beach.  The water is smooth like glass.  The sun sinks lower in the sky.  I don’t want to go in just yet…just a little longer??  It’s quiet, except for the rise and fall of the waves and the occasional cry of the gulls.  It’s sheer perfection. 

A fabulous day at the beach.  Boy, I really needed it.

Can’t wait till I can actually do it in a couple of weeks!!  Fantasy becomes reality! How did I get to be so lucky?


“The cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears, or the sea” ~Isak Dinesen



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2 responses to “Picture this…

  1. Toni

    thanks for the comment over on my page–sorry i\’m not able to get back to you so soon, love your space and the pictures…especially the tiara below…~Toni

  2. Lena

    Thanks for stopping by.   Glad I could give you not one, but two laughs.  Good luck to you and your beautiful family in your move.  South Carolina is my home away from home.  I\’m super jealous if you\’re moving to Hilton Head or Charleston.  Our family is also nomadic, never knowing where hubby\’s job will take us.  I think we\’re finally home now, centrally located on the eastern seaboard.  I too need to be near an ocean.  Cincinnati didn\’t work for me LOL. 

I always love hearing from you! :-)

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