Still Wearing My Tiara

“Our greatest weariness comes from work not done.” ~Eric Hoffer


Still wearing my Project Queen tiara.  I must say, home improvement chores are more fun when wearing a tiara…and listening to some good tunes!  😉  

More painting, inside this time.  Still willing my sod to live…watering religiously.  (According to the sod guy, you can grow it on cement if you water it enough.   Ha ha!  Did y’all know that??) Screen porch has been repaired.  Carpet has been laid.  Looks pretty good.  Too bad I won’t be around to enjoy it, eh?!  😉  And there’s still more work to be done!  Crazy could be a constant state of being for the next few months, I’m afraid!! (She says while straightening her crooked tiara…)

We’ve finally planned our trip south.  We leave Saturday to go see our family in North Carolina and then we’ll go to South Carolina to see if we can find somewhere to live.  Meantime, we still own a home in Iowa, so we could be renting for a while.  Not exactly how I like to do it, but I don’t think it can be helped this time.  Gotta love it.  We will also stop by the school district offices as well to drop off IEP information and lay eyes on the people who will be helping my son in the fall.  SCARY. 

Probably looking at the final move in the first week of August.  I started making a list of things that need to happen before then, and it got out of control.  I had to quit and toss it before I tossed my cookies.  It’s just too overwhelming to see it all on paper.  So I just have to take it one thing at a time.  My current mantra: “BREATHE!  REMAIN CALM!  It will all come together.”  Say it with me, people!!

In spite of all the chaos, all the stuff that has to get done, and all the people I will miss, I am really excited about this move.  There is a lot I’m looking forward to.  We’ll work through all the other stuff.   “BREATHE!  REMAIN CALM!  It will all come together.” 

Next project, filling in cracks in the cement…


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3 responses to “Still Wearing My Tiara

  1. Nooner™

    Hi Joell 🙂
    I loved the "Mother\’s Day 2007" pics. Great looking family! Even my competition (Hubby) looks pretty darn good (lol @ "my competition"). All kidding aside: he looks like a definite keeper. Congrats on the fun family pics. I liked pic # 8 of just the lake scene quite a bit. Something about the sereneness of water, ya know?

  2. Tiffany

    You are right by saying you need to breathe and relax!  I have to tell myself that all the time at work!  🙂  It will all come together and before you know it you will be moved and settling in your new home.  Someday I would love to visit the east coast… I hear it\’s beautiful there with a lot of history!  How exciting!
    Hugs – Tiffany

  3. Nooner™

    Names have all been changed to protect the "innocent" .. lol.
    I just watched "The Queen" on DVD (about Queen Elizabeth and Royalty during Diana\’s death), so your word of Tiara brought back instant thinking of the flic.
    Best of luck in SC .. I\’m buying a home down there some day. Enjoyed reading about fixing up your Iowa place and moving soon. I\’m a Realtor, so I always enjoy hearing about this sort of thing. Best wishes.

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