Weekend ramblings

It’s a beautiful April Monday in Iowa…now there’s something I haven’t been able to say in about 2 weeks.  Crazy weather–in the last week we’ve had every form of precipitation there is.  You name it-rain, sleet, snow, freezing rain, rain/snow mix, and OH the wind!!…And all in the same day, mind you.  We are not to be outdone out here in the Midwest!!  So, for today the sun shines and all is well with the world.


We’ve had an exciting weekend around here.  Or I should say my daughter Emma has had an exciting weekend and we’ve just worked our lives around her!  Ha.  Saturday night, she and her Daddy went to the girl scouts Sweetheart Dance.  Corsage and all.  They were so cute. I’ll add a picture or two for your viewing pleasure!  Sounded like they had fun on their date and were dancing fools!  Yesterday afternoon (also a sun-shiney day!) Emma had her piano recital at the library downtown.  She was awesome! (Beware of proud mother) She also played a duet.  She really did a great job.  Afterward, the kids played on the play structure outside the library and I got some great pictures of them.  We did the now annual post-recital Whitey’s (local ice cream shop) ice cream visit and fun was had by all.  Emma had her chocolate cone and said, “Um, Mom, I dropped some ice cream on my shirt.  But I guess that’s okay to have chocolate ice cream on my shirt now that my recital is over and nobody is looking at me.”  That girl cracks me up! It was a fun day, but my feet were killing me because I made an insane shoe choice.  OY!  I couldn’t even think straight as we were walking around downtown.  The sacrifice we women make to be looking cute.
Okay, so the weekend is over and I suppose I better be about my Monday business.  Today’s excitement involves me, the checkbook and some stamps.  Not to mention the ever-present, never-ending laundry and dust bunnies! Make it a great Monday!



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