There are HOW many hours in the day??!

Does it ever seem like there are less and less hours in a day to anyone other than me?  Seems like I’m just getting started good and then, POOF! it’s time for bed.  I don’t know why, but it seems to be becoming more of a problem as the years progress.
About 10 years ago…maybe more, because it’s hard to keep track anymore…I was visiting with my Grandma.  It was after I had become a mom and was becoming keenly aware of the “time management” conundrum.  I said something like, “You know Grandma, seems like the years just keep going by faster and faster.”  She responded–in her Southern drawl, “Honey, wait till you’re old as me.  Life is just one big ole blur.”  (She was probably 75ish at the time.)  That has stuck with me over the years.  I think Grandma was on to something…
So I’m often wondering about how to get all my stuff done.  How do you decide which is most important?  As a mom, I’m responsible for the food shopping and cooking, clothes washing, dish washing, toilet swishing, kid schlepping, working, church going, bill paying, junk mail managing, exercising, boo boo kissing, PTA fundraising, hygiene maintaining (of more than just myself), dog walking, poop scooping, carpet cleaning, praying, school volunteering, husband loving, kid hugging, problem solving, stuff finding….’nuff said.  Tell me people, how many hats can one weary woman wear??  But we do.  We do it every day. 
So, the question then, is what gives? 
Something goes lacking.  Now for me, the choice is a no-brainer.  Housework is definitely the first to be let go.  No doubt about it.  Ask my husband.  He is currently wondering when there might be some clean boxer briefs available.  I don’t want to be the person, who, on her deathbed is lamenting the fact that she didn’t get the carpet cleaned one last time!  Though all these things are important to some degree, obviously SOME are more important than others.
And so, you ask with bated breath, the all important question…what’s #1?
It all boils down to relationships.  It’s pretty simple actually.  But unfortunately it seems to go lacking more often than not because of all the aforementioned STUFF that just has to get done.  I like to call it, the “tyranny of the urgent.”   Seriously, how many people say to themselves…”I’m SO glad my mom spent all that time keeping that toilet clean.  It meant so much to me.”  NO, you remember that your mom hugged you when your friend hurt your feelings or read you that extra bedtime story or your dad always told you everything would be alright.  That’s the real STUFF of life.  It’s what makes you who you are.  So maybe my toilets aren’t the most bacteria free and maybe my husband is short some underwear, but I hugged my kids today and told them how much I love them and how glad I am to be their mom.
Did you?  Put down the toilet brush and go do it.

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