Thoughts on Spring

What is it about a few warm days and the sun shining that makes your whole mental state improve?  I am not sure.  I think I definitely buy in to the whole seasonal affective disorder thing, though!  Whatever it is, I am so glad.  My dog is pretty glad too…she’s been getting some major walking the last few days.  The grass turned green sometime overnight last Friday, I think.  How can it happen so fast?  Yesterday when I was out walking, I even saw a few crocuses and daffodils blooming.  It blows my mind how fast we have left one season and entered a new one.  Spring in Iowa is really lovely.  Aside from the tornados, I mean.
After being cooped up all winter, when a nice day comes, I am kicking the poor kids out of the house.  There has been roller blading, bike riding, scootering and just all around “outsideness” (is that a word?) had by all.  My kids think it’s summer or something.  From here on to the end of the school year, homework is going to be a challenge…I mean, who would want to do homework when you could be outside??!  Can’t blame them really.  I feel the same way (read–who wants to do laundry when you could be outside??!).  So when I, unfortunately, have to become the bad guy who makes them come in, I must say, it feels pretty dreadful.  You know, when we first moved to Iowa, I was baffled when a kid would come to my door to play with one of my kids and I’d invite them in and they would say, “my mom said I had to play outside.”  I wondered, is there something wrong with me or my house that this kid’s mom doesn’t want her playing in here??  Now I totally get it.  And I am totally kicking my kids out of the house too!  Ha ha!    We do cherish our sunny days here. 
Amazing how your whole perspective on what’s hot and what’s cold changes when you live a different climate.  For example, in North Carolina, 30 degrees = COLD; in Iowa, 30 degrees = BALMY.  You get my drift. 
A couple of weekends ago (pre-spring springing), on the tail end of my kids’ spring break, my husband decided we should head over to a ski resort in Dubuque, which is less than two hours away from us.  Keep in mind, my children had never been skiing, my husband hadn’t been for about 12 years and, let’s just say, I hadn’t been since I was probably 16 years old…that’s over 20 years, I am amazed to say!  I was NOT very excited about going to be completely honest, though I don’t really think I kept that a secret from anyone who lives in my house.  I even tried to use the dog as an excuse NOT to go with them (“We can’t leave Jiffy for that long, she’ll explode!”), but they didn’t let me off the hook so easy.  So I went.  And after an hour and a half lesson and a few runs down the “easy” slope, I found myself riding on the chairlift with my sweet 12 year old son saying to him, “You know, this is a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be.”  (I couldn’t bend over comfortably for the next 5 days, but it was fun.)  My son said, “I can’t wait to tell Dad you said that!”  So, I had to eat a little crow.  It was fun.  There, I said it. Check out the photos.  But it just goes to show you, you shouldn’t be a party pooper when your husband is trying to take you to do something fun!  The revelations I have sometimes, I tell ya….whew!  And can I just say, my kids are AWESOME!  They took to it like ducks to water.  When my husband and I were wiping out all over the place, those kids were just blowing past us!  Pretty sad. 
Suffice it to say, my clan is so excited about the fact that winter is OVER!  We are making the most of every beautiful day–now that we are having some.  So, I’m off to the outdoors!!

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