Spring is coming?

So it’s March.  Can it be??  Funny–winter didn’t really arrive until the very end of January, and here at the beginning of March, it seems like it’s been here a REALLY long time.  My mantra for these months is “Every day that goes by is one day closer to spring.”  Not bad, eh?  Here we are, on the cusp of spring springing and the crud has finally hit my house.  Emma came down with it, and was home from school for 4 days!  Then, once she had missed a couple of days,   I got a call from school to come get Jacob.  And he missed the next 3 days of school.  In spite of all the obsessive hand washing, it somehow got to him too.  I feel the need to fumigate the whole house!!  I’m hoping I get spared.  It doesn’t do for the mom to get sick.  Everything goes to heck in a hand basket then.  Actually, thank the Lord, we’ve been really healthy this winter, so I can’t complain too much.  This too shall pass, as my mama would say!

I went on my annual “mental health retreat” the beginning of February, as I do every year, with my dear friend Kathy, in the stunning mountains of North Carolina. The weather was a welcome sight!  It was over 35 degrees!  And beautiful blue skies to boot.  I went for a run/walk outside and spent my quiet time overlooking LakeSusan–the sun peeking through the mountains and sparkling down on the lake.  Yes, truly stunning.  Oh, how I just breathed it in!  It does my soul good!  I call it my mental health retreat, but it’s so much more.  It is always such a wonderful mix of focus on God and focus on girlfriend time and relaxation.  I am always refreshed (spiritually) and exhausted (physically) when I get home.  This year was a very meaningful one to me.  I got a clear picture of some things about myself and how I need to be responding to God and my husband and how I need to trust them both.  I am working every day to make that a reality in my life.  It is a conscious choice every day.  Every day. 

In spite of the sickness around here, I can’t lie…it is nice to be at home for a period of days, without interruption from the outside world.  I feel bad for my kids when they are sick, but it’s nice to dote on them and sit with them, hold them close, stroke their hair and say “Everything’s going to be alright.”  For the first time in MONTHS, I am caught up on laundry (see laundry post from November!).  Yes, I know it comes as a shock.  But what’s a girl to do??  Problem is, now that all the clothes, sheets, towels are clean, there is NOWHERE to put them all!  Ha ha!  Hey, I can actually see the surface of my computer desk…I had almost forgotten what it looked like.  I have gotten caught up on some correspondence too.  So, all in all, I have benefited from being at home.  This working “part time” business sure seems like full time to me, so when I have three solid days to stay in my house, it’s a good thing.   

So, I’m off to disinfect!  Until next time….

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