another day, another load…of laundry

     Okay, so I just want to know who made the rule that I would be doing endless loads of laundry…forever!!  I mean, I do load after load after load, go a few days, and there it all is–AGAIN!  Curse the laundry, I say!  How dare you run my life the way you do!       SIGH!  Seriously, I would rather spend my time doing something worthwhile, like, for instance, I don’t know….shopping the LL Bean catalog?  Or spending some quality time with my treadmill while watching my taped episode of Grey’s Anatomy that I couldn’t watch last week?  Why, you might ask, couldn’t I watch Grey’s Anatomy??  Because I was doing the LAUNDRY!  Isn’t it just easier to go buy new underwear?  Then I go through spells where I think, “I’ll show you, laundry!  I won’t do any and see how you feel then, huh!  (insert maniacal laugh here)”  And you all know where that gets me.  Yep, standing right in front of the pantry, going, hmmm, what do I need to eat now so that I can keep from doing the LAUNDRY.  Surely there is some 12-step program out there for this!!       Oh, the vicious cycle!  Then the cycle takes me to the times where I am just knocking that laundry out and don’t have enough drawer space to store it all.  My kids are like, “Mom, I can’t close my drawer!”  Those are the times I am like a laundry crazed fiend!  I do like 10 loads in a day and I can finally see the tile on my laundry room floor!  “Oh, yeah!  That’s what color that tile was!”  I guess then I just poop out and the cycle just starts over.  Like the phases of the moon.  Like the seasons.  Like the tides.  They come and they go.  You can always count on it.  And the laundry never ends.  Okay, go ahead, say it….put on your big girl panties…the clean ones–if you can find any…and deal with it!     

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